We are close to 2,000,000 kg of collected e-waste in August as well

More than 3,500 orders arrived at TelVerde in August, and partner operators were present in the field in all counties. Although it is a period of vacation and relaxation, the order rate has not decreased and the authorized partners of the RoRec Association have honored thousands of requests from the population.

The volume of electrical waste increases globally at a rate of 3-4% annually. According to estimates, in 2025, about 60 million tons of electrical waste will be generated worldwide. Can you imagine that this amount is the equivalent of 290,000 Statues of Liberty?

In the governing priorities of the European Union announced by 2030, the recycling of e- waste is increasingly necessary, more important.

National legislation transposing European standards translates into the obligation to selectively collect e-waste, which is the obligation of both the citizen and local authorities, companies and institutions. Therefore, the collection of e-waste is an essential part of the collective effort aimed at protecting the environment, developing efficient systems and encouraging good habits among the population.

We are glad that the people and the authorities understand that this is a joint effort that we must make responsibly and that the gesture of each of us is important.