The Local Collection Service: a New Performance!

September ends with another 1,800,000 kilograms of e- waste collected by our local partners. The equivalent of 6,500 refrigerators or about 950,000 small electrical appliances. These quantities came from takeover orders from homes and companies, from retail and from institutions. More than 2,500 orders were taken by the crews on the ground, and the satisfaction indicator of our collectors increased by 7 percent. The quality of the service has increased visibly this month, thanks to the constant efforts of our local partners, the team from the TelVerde call center and the program “Quality services, always a priority!”

“We are glad that we end this month with a recognition of the increase in the quality of the service we offer, as well as with a good collection rate. It is also important that communities reconfirmed us daily how much they need to dispose of this waste properly, to have quick separate collection solutions at hand, and to benefit from this free service provided by the RoRec Association and its partners”, says Simona Ghiga, the representative of the local collection operator from Iași, EcoArena.