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  • 24 Sevastopol , 5th floor, 010992 Sector 1, Bucharest
  • 021/2327182, 021/2327183
  • 021/2327181

You have an old TV set and want to dispose of it? You don’t know where to bring your broken fridge or washing machine? The Local Collection Service helps you dispose of them easily and quickly!

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Get in touch with us through the form beneath, beneath, write a message and we will come back you in the shortest time possible!

telverde gratuit rorec

Or call up the Green Line 0800 444 800, free of charge from any phone network, daily between 9.00-17.00 hours, and ask for a free pick-up from home/headquarters of the electrical appliances you want to dispose of!

* Please fill in the correct email and phone number so we may contact you!