Civil servants and volunteers – ANFP and Recycling Patrol, for a culture of performance in environmental education

For many years, the National Agency of Civil Servants has brought together civil servants from all over the country and young volunteers from the Recycling Patrol in a solidarity effort that encourages separate collection of electrical waste and the responsible behavior towards the environment.

ANFP sends its members every year calls to help its Recycling Patrol and invites Patrol’s representatives to the international conference “Innovation and Quality in the Public Sector” – a partnership outlined by Mrs. Circiumaru as follows: “By our events, we succeeded in creating bridges between the administration and civil society, contributing to the education, training and involvement of civil servants in current issues of ecology. We reward examples of best practice in environmental protection at each conference edition. Collaboration with the RoRec Association and Recycling Patrol is part of our constant approach to engaging the whole of society in this process.

For the Recycling Patrol’s volunteers, each gesture of support and trust gives them the courage to do even more, and better. As the program supporter, ANFP gives credibility to their message. The patrol is made up of children, but their mission is serious, worthy of the attention of all adults and even more of the leaders.

Leaders and officials in the administration are not just the professionals responsible for implementing environmental policies. They are also citizens, parents. With each personal and institutional example that helps children to inform, communicate, mobilize, their communities become success stories in the program. Learn how you can be a Recycling Patrol Supporter at