”How can we enjoy technological progress without harming the environment?” – RoRec Association @Urban Talks

Technology is the main engine of evolution in modern society. Everything becomes “smart”, from phones, to watches, to home appliances, smart devices appear each day, that integrate the complex functions of the devices around us, making them more and more applied to the needs of modern man. This is the obvious reason for the increase in the number of electrical appliances predicted for the future. These are the premises of a “smart future” with “smart cities”, where technology is working for the welfare of society. And we support and enjoy it! But all of these modern devices and gadgets have a limited lifetime. Their number increases directly proportional to the evolution of technology. And the next question arise: what will we do with all these electrical appliances when they go out of use? How can we enjoy technological innovation without harming the environment?

This issue was addressed at the Urban Talks event, which brought together experts, ideas, solutions and projects on integrated, smart and sustainable urban development at Cluj Innovation Days, May 2018. Below you can follow the RoRec Association approach, through its communication manager, Andreea Calev Idriceanu, under the concept of  “Green Citizens for Smart Cities – People Before Tech“.