“Do you want a clean city? Do not abandon waste in public space!”

The Romanian Association for Recycling – RoRec has joined a project to inform and educate the citizens of Craiova about the importance of separate waste collection. More specifically, SC Salubritate Craiova SRL, together with the Autonomous Administration of Public Domain and Housing Fund (RAADPFL) Craiova, the RoRec Association, Craiova City Hall and Junior Chamber International (JCI) Craiova, run between 22 January 2018 and 15 May 2018 , the project “Do you want a clean city? Do not abandon waste in public space! “.

Nearly 4 months, 80 volunteers and an informative brochure are the coordinates of the project aimed at raising the awareness of the importance of separate collection among the inhabitants of Craiova. The campaign brochure contains information on the correct way of waste pre-collection, but also rules on social cohabitation and the penalties for breaching them. Page 7 of the brochure is dedicated to waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The brochure will be distributed by volunteers in Electroputere Park, Mercur Center, Associations of Owners, other parks, public gardens and the historic center in Craiova.