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The National Agency of Civil Servants and the Recycling Patrol – a special partnership, for the community

Posted on: Nov 28, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

We wrote a new episode of the already traditional partnership with the National Agency of Civil Servants (ANFP).

On Wednesday, November 26th, Andreea Idriceanu, RoRec Communication Manager, Gabriela Tranciuc, PR & Communication Project Manager and Alexandra Arnăutu, Program Manager, represented you at the 7th edition of the Annual Conference  ”Innovation and Quality in the Public Sector” organized by ANFP.

We talked to the local authorities and the public organizations about the results and successes of the Recycling Patrols all over the country, to which some of them have already contributed! We presented the way in which you, teachers and agents of the Patrol, succeeded in mobilizing the communities you live in to become more responsible and careful about the environment.

You received words of praise and encouragement including from international partners, who commended your initiative and importance placed on the cooperation with public institutions and the community.   ”If you want to work fast, work alone. If you want to work far, work together!” conveyed Lisbeth Iversen, representative of Arendal Municipality, Norway.

With the help of ANFP who launched an appeal to the organizations of the public administration, we earned many supporters in this sector. ”Every action of the community counts. I am confident in the impact the society has upon environment protection and improvement of life quality. We support the Recycling Patrol and invite all organizations and authorities in Romania to join this project, to be ECO. I am positive that this support is important for our common success in generating visible signs of progress in the Romanian public administration system” said József Birtalan, ANFP President.

We hope that more and more public organizations will give this leadership example to their communities!

Cargo Band Members – RoRec Ambassadors

Posted on: Nov 15, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

On October 30th, 2014 we celebrated together with CARGO three years since they decided to become our ambassadors. The event took place at Arenele Romane, on the occasion of the “Witches Night” concert organized on the Halloween night.

RoRec Association and the members of Cargo offered double invitations to the most responsible consumers who called up TelVerde 0800 444 800 between 10-25 October and requested a free pick-up of at least 50 kg of e-waste.

Here there are some testimonials of our friends who collected WEEE with us and joined us for the event:

Ion Roxana: “I loved the concert and it was a pleasant surprise to find out that the Cargo members are the ambassadors of the Romanian Recycling Association. Thank you for the invitation and keep up the good work!”

Ion Cristina: “Sen-sa-tional! I enjoyed myself at the concert, thank you for the invitation, it was wonderful! Congrats for what the Romanian Recycling Association is doing for us and thanks again for helping me dispose of the e-waste from home!”

Vaduva Maria Luiza: “The guys from Cargo were at height, as usual! Congratulations for their supporting RoRec’s fight with the e-waste.  It made me appreciate them even more. I wish you best of luck for the future as well!”

Thanks to all those who were and will be along our side! Recycling Rocks! Cargo Rocks!

15,000 children restart the e-waste collection race for the new school year

Posted on: Oct 22, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

More than 15,000 students and 700 teachers make up the national team that continues the WEEE separate collection campaign in Romania, during 2014-2015 school years. Hundreds of teachers in Bucharest and all over the counties registered their schools and students for the fourth edition of the national program for environment education Recycling Patrol.

Alongside their coordinating teachers, the Patrols’ agents throughout the country are preparing their information and awareness raising strategy to help people understand how they can reduce pollution and protect the environment by responsibly discarding e-waste.

This year the Local Patrols aspire to fulfill again their objective to become national winners: to convince people to collect and send to recycling at least 50 grams of WEEE/ inhabitant of the county (or Bucharest), by 30 August 2015. The children can reach this target only with the help of the Supporters – companies, organizations and consumers who responsibly disposed of e-waste on the account of the Patrols.

By 30 august 2015, each of us has the opportunity to support the teachers and children of the Local Recycling Patrol to become national winners. We can show them that we respect their values and that we can follow their example by disposing of e-waste from storages, offices, homes with one phone call at the Green Line (Telverde) 0800 444 800 (free call from any network) or by bringing it to WEEE drop-off points set up by RoRec Association all over the country.

The Recycling Patrol Day in Bihor – 600 children celebrated national prize win

Posted on: Oct 13, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Bihor’s Recycling Patrol celebrated its performance at Oradea Shopping City, on Friday, October 10th. More than 600 children, parents and teachers – national winners of 2013-2014 edition of the environmental education program Recycling Patrol got together for the first time at the Recycling Patrol Day to share the joy of their success with an “explosive” party, animated by Los Hermanos Dinamita.

The students and teachers in Bihor have brought the national prize in their county ever since their first participation in the program! During the 2013-2014 school year the 33 teacher representing as many school units and more than 600 children organized tens of actions to inform their communities how important is to separately collect WEEE. Bihor’s Recycling Patrol convinced the consumers to send to recycling more than 50 g of WEEE/inhabitant of the county during November 2013 – August 2014.

The Recycling Patrol is back with a new edition and we are looking forward to see their results!

RoRec Association and Carrefour invite you to separately collect WEEE!

Posted on: Oct 10, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Between 9 October-31 December 2014, the consumers in Bucureşti, Braşov, Buzău, Brăila, Botoşani, Constanţa, Cluj-Napoca, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Focşani, Galaţi, Iaşi, Oradea, Ploieşti, Piteşti, Suceava, Sibiu and Târgu Jiu, who will request a free pick-up from home of large and heavy appliances by calling up the Green Line (TelVerde) 0800 444 800, will receive Carrefour  shopping vouchers in exchange for large cooling appliances, washing machines or dish washing machines, clothes dryers, air conditioner appliances, according to the campaign regulation.

The Carrefour vouchers can be used for shopping in Carrefour hypermarkets in Romania for any type of products by 31 March 2015.

Green Line (TelVerde) 0800 444 800 is a national free service, daily available between 09.00-17.00 hours, for orders of free pick-up of large or heavy WEEE from home or headquarters. The number is accessible from any phone network.

For more information you can read the campaign regulation - Regulament TelVerde-Carrefour 6.10 – 31.12.2014

The Green Line 0800 444 800 sends you to Cargo’s concert!

Posted on: Oct 8, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Bucharest, October 8th, 2014 – The Romanian Recycling Association – RoRec alongside the members of Cargo band, its recycling ambassadors, invite you to use the WEEE collection service by calling up the Green Line (TelVerde) 0800 444 800 and enter the campaign that brings you a double invitation to Cargo’s concert WITCHES NIGHT, on October 30, at Arenele Romane in Bucharest!

Between 10-25 October 2014, the first 50 consumers in Bucuresti and Ilfov who call up the Green Line (TelVerde) 0800 444 800 and request a pick-up of at least 50 kg of WEEE will receive a double invitation la Cargo’s concert, on October 30th, at Arenele Romane. The campaign is addressed to Bucharest and Ilfov consumers interested in separately collecting WEEE and celebrating Halloween together with Cargo.

For more information, read the campaign regulation Regulament _Recycling Rocks-Cargo_7

Valcea’s Recycling Patrol celebrated its victory on Vlădești Oak Arena

Posted on: Oct 6, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Râmnicu Vâlcea, October 6th. The children and teachers of the Recycling Patrol in Valcea, national winners of the 2013-2014 edition, celebrated their victory on Friday, October 3th, at Vladesti Oak Arena.

The winning local team came together for the first time on the occasion of the Recycling Patrol Day. Students, teachers, parents and supporters from Râmnicu Valcea and other 12 towns and villages of the county joined together to celebrate their success of collecting more than 50 g of WEEE per inhabitant of the county.

The young people enthusiastically signed up for the do-it-yourself, eco-education, photo and deco art workshops, organized by professionals and coordinating teachers, previous winners of the Recycling Patrol and enjoyed themselves together with Fabian and Charlie Sanchez – Los Hermanos Dinamita.

On this occasion the quickest football championship took place. Out of the seven participating teams, the winner was the Patrol of the Secondary School ”Grigore Mihăescu” in Vlădești.

The members of the patrol thanked the supporters who contributed to their success. The town halls in Crețeni, Costești and Vlădești and the companies Vel Pitar, Sanovita, Romcom and Ciurezu collected e-waste on the account of the program and conveyed the ecological message of the patrol during the previous school year. The Recycling Patrol Day was success also due to the sponsors Boromir and Rosan Grup (Restaurante OK).

Sibiu’s Recycling Patrol celebrated its victory with a “dynamite” eco-party

Posted on: Oct 6, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Sibiu, October 6th. The children and teachers of the Recycling Patrol in Sibiu, national winners of the 2013-2014 edition, celebrated their victory on Saturday, October 4th, at Shopping City Sibiu.

The mall in Sibiu was filled at utmost capacity with children, parents, children and friends of the Recycling Patrol teams from Sibiu, Mediaș, Cristian, Cisnădie, Șura Mică, Racovița, Chirpar, Arpașu de Sus and Arpașu de Jos, coming together for the first time at this event.

The participants shared the joy of their success: during the school year they convinced the inhabitants in Sibiu to collect more than 50g of WEEE/inhabitant.

After they took part in the music and animation workshops, the children and teachers became part of the show performed by Los Hermanos Dinamita. The young people enthusiastically signed up for the do-it-yourself, photo and deco art workshops, organized by professionals and coordinating teachers, previous winners of the Recycling Patrol.

Sibiu gave an example of responsibility and solidarity. It is the county where the Recycling Patrol won the most Supporters! Public institutions, companies, schools and NGOs collected e-waste for the Recycling Patrol of their county.

Congratulations to them all!

The winners in Covasna celebrated their victory with ”dynamite”

Posted on: Sep 26, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

More than 200 students and teachers in Covasna, national winners of the environmental education program the Recycling Patrol – 2013-2014 edition celebrated their victory with an eco-party – at Natura Park Chichiș, on the 26th of September.

The young people in Covasna who have brought the national award in their county ever since their first participation in the program took part in a full day event organized just for them and their supporters.

By their awareness raising actions,  the 295 agents from kindergartens, schools and high schools and the 16 coordinating teachers succeeded in collecting more than 50 g of WEEE/inhabitant of the county! Furthermore, their county was the first to reach this target!

On the occasion of the Recycling Patrol, the agents took part in a treasure hunt, and dyi, music, animation and photo workshops. They danced and sang together with Fabian and Carlos Sanchez,Los Hermanos Dinamita, and Kelekótya band,.

The local Patrol in Covasna celebrated the team spirit and solidarity and they continue their mission to encourage the responsible behavior towards the environment and separate collection of WEEE.

Two online projects of the Romanian Recycling Association nominated at Webstock!

Posted on: Sep 25, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Bucharest, September 25. Two online projects of the Romanian Recycling Association RoRec are nominated at Webstock awards: site with the interative map of the national WEEE collection network,  at the ”Utility” category and the online and social media platforms of the national environment education program the Recycling Patrol, at the ”Special Projects” category!

Webstock, the biggest social media conference in Romania, to take place in Bucharest, on the 26th of September, will award “the most creative and genuine online projects and campaigns developed in Romania in the last year” the organizers say.

The new website of the Associațion, , focuses on raising the awareness on the need to collect separately e-waste, by providing useful and interesting information, as well as accessible and qualitative collection services.  As a dynamic and friendly interface, the website stands for a tool to boost the habit of separate collection.

The online channels of the Patrol nominated at ”Special Projects” are: the website, launched in September 2013, the Facebook page, that counts more than 32,000 fans and the YouTube channel, with the stories of the Recycling Patrols from several counties, as well as other useful videos.

The nomination comes in a special moment when celebrates one year since its birth. Ever since its first year in the virtual world, it turned to be one of the most outstanding online projects, serving the people and the ecological mission it was born for.

The Patrol website has attracted more than 22,000 visitors since September 11th, 2013, and 70% of the page content is provided by students and teachers. More than 15 pages and groups of the patrols over the country have been created so far. The activity of the patrols’ members is even more appreciated if we take into account the fact that many of them do not have an easy access to the internet.

The success and the positive impact of the patrol’s interface are due to the iConsult expert team in Sibiu, coordinated by Ciprian Stăvar, to the communication team of the RoRec Association, and mostly to the students and teachers. The structure created by experts comes to life due to the creative ideas and actions of the Patrols.

The nomination to Webstock awards proves that the Romanian Recycling Association  RoRec becomes a more important and vocal actor in the field of e-waste collection and environment education in Romania..