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Two online projects of the Romanian Recycling Association nominated at Webstock!

Posted on: Sep 25, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Bucharest, September 25. Two online projects of the Romanian Recycling Association RoRec are nominated at Webstock awards: site with the interative map of the national WEEE collection network,  at the ”Utility” category and the online and social media platforms of the national environment education program the Recycling Patrol, at the ”Special Projects” category!

Webstock, the biggest social media conference in Romania, to take place in Bucharest, on the 26th of September, will award “the most creative and genuine online projects and campaigns developed in Romania in the last year” the organizers say.

The new website of the Associațion, , focuses on raising the awareness on the need to collect separately e-waste, by providing useful and interesting information, as well as accessible and qualitative collection services.  As a dynamic and friendly interface, the website stands for a tool to boost the habit of separate collection.

The online channels of the Patrol nominated at ”Special Projects” are: the website, launched in September 2013, the Facebook page, that counts more than 32,000 fans and the YouTube channel, with the stories of the Recycling Patrols from several counties, as well as other useful videos.

The nomination comes in a special moment when celebrates one year since its birth. Ever since its first year in the virtual world, it turned to be one of the most outstanding online projects, serving the people and the ecological mission it was born for.

The Patrol website has attracted more than 22,000 visitors since September 11th, 2013, and 70% of the page content is provided by students and teachers. More than 15 pages and groups of the patrols over the country have been created so far. The activity of the patrols’ members is even more appreciated if we take into account the fact that many of them do not have an easy access to the internet.

The success and the positive impact of the patrol’s interface are due to the iConsult expert team in Sibiu, coordinated by Ciprian Stăvar, to the communication team of the RoRec Association, and mostly to the students and teachers. The structure created by experts comes to life due to the creative ideas and actions of the Patrols.

The nomination to Webstock awards proves that the Romanian Recycling Association  RoRec becomes a more important and vocal actor in the field of e-waste collection and environment education in Romania..

RoRec Association takes part in Sinaia 2014 Bon Ton Festival

Posted on: Sep 24, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Sinaia, 24th of September 2014 – the Romanian Recycling Association has the pleasure to participate in Sinaia 2014 Bon Ton Festival, between 26-28 September.

The Bon Ton Festival celebrates 20 years since it was first organized in Sinaia and RoRec Association has thus a reason to celebrate alongside Sinaia City Hall, its inhabitants and tourists taking part in the event, considering their long time collaboration on the separate e-waste collection, a bon ton act of more and more citizens. Moreover, the WEEE Collection Center in Sinaia is one of the earliest center of National Collection Network.  

The event will take place between 26-28 September 2014, and the Association’s team will be present with a tent placed in the area for children. A painting workshop will be organized. The children will have at hand plaster figurines and water colors to paint and keep them afterwards as souvenirs. A photo area set near the tent will allow children and parents to immortalize the moment.

We would like to remind Sinaia’s inhabitants that they can discard of e-waste at the Collection Center situated in 2, Calea Braşovului, every Monday and Wednesday, between 17.00-19.00 hours. Furthermore, all consumers in the country can benefit free of charge from the e-waste pick-up from home/headquarters service, by calling up TelVerde 0800 444 800, a free number from any network, every day, between 9.00-17.00. And The Recycling Patrol present in every county is awaiting its supporters!

The Romanian Recycling Association RoRec( is a not-for-profit organization, founded by eleven of the best known European manufacturers of household appliances, presently acting in Romania. RoRec Association takes over producers’ responsibility and carries out all activities required for collection, treatment and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), in conformity with the EU legislation in this field.

This summer the inhabitants of Bucharest dispose of e-waste free of charge!

Posted on: Jul 24, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Bucharest, July 24th 2014 – You have an old TV or a broken washing machine and you don’t know what to do with it? For the inhabitants of Bucharest it has never been easier to separately collect e-waste and to contribute to environment protection. They just need to make a phone call!

From lamps and batteries to old or broken electrical equipment, all this electrical and electronic waste, thrown at hazard, cannot but harm the environment, fill up space in the house and collect dust! That is why it needs to be separately collected and sent to recycling. If so far you haven’t found out what to do with old electrical appliances or where to take it, you now have all the information you need at hand! RoRec Associaţion launched a new site with an interactive map where you can find the nearest collection points for small domestic appliances, lamps or batteries.

For large and heavy electrical appliances, the consumers have at hand a free collection service.

At TelVerde 0800 444 800 you can call free of charge daily between 09.00-17.00 hours to require a free pick up from home of the old fridge, the broken washing machine or any other home appliances you want to dispose of responsibly.

A Rorec local team will come and take over your e-waste, ensuring free handling and transportation to assigned collection points. The service is addressed both to natural persons and legal entities, offering the necessary papers.

WEEE collection should become a natural habit such as teeth brushing. No one expects a reward for brushing his teeth. These are natural habits coming from the respect for the people around us, the desire to be healthy.” said a coordinating teacher participating in the national program the Recycling Patrol of RoRec Association.

TelVerde 0800 444 800 is available for any information on WEEE collection and recycling! A free call for a healthy environment!

Go to and to be up-to-date with our WEEE collection campaigns!

 The Romanian Recycling Association RoRec( is a not-for-profit organization, founded by eleven of the best known European manufacturers of household appliances, presently acting in Romania. RoRec Association takes over producers’ responsibility and carries out all activities required for collection, treatment and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), in conformity with the EU legislation in this field.

The Green Line 0800 444 800, an efficient WEEE collection service

Posted on: Jun 23, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Launched at the end of March 2013, the Green Line (TelVerde) 0800.444.800 is a free service addressed to all those who want to get in touch with RoRec Association, either to require a free WEEE pick-up from home or headquarters or to ask for information about the Association’s activity or about WEEE collection and recycling.

Since it was launched in March 2013 until May 2014, this service has proved its efficiency and followed a progressive trend in the number of requests for WEEE pick-up, facilitating the access to a simple and operational WEEE collection system for the consumers who care about environment and would like to dispose of e-waste responsibly.

In the top of the counties with the most calls receivedat TelVerde 0800 444 800 there are București, Alba, Brașov, Maramureș and Sibiu.

Winners’ Portraits

Posted on: Jun 11, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Last week, on the occasion of the World Environment Day celebrated on the 5th of June, The Recycling Patrol organized an award ceremony for the participants in each county. Here you can find the list of all the winners whom you can also see in the Facebook winners’ album, Winners’ portraits!

The Agents of the Recycling Patrol go on holiday, the grown-ups take over

Posted on: Jun 5, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Bucharest, June 5th 2014 – The Agents of the Recycling Patrol reached the moment of results assessment and reward: on June 5th, when the World Environment Day and the Educator’s Day were celebrated, the local Patrols from the country and Bucharest who were the most active, hardworking and convincing were awarded for their results. Find out who the winners of this edition are on

The competition was very tight, as the participating children and teachers distributed flyers with information about e-waste separate collection, organized awareness raising activities, marches and even an ecological flash mob. They proved to be so enthusiastic, dedicated to their civic mission that the decision on the winners was not easy at all. With an energy worth of envy, the children succeeded in conveying the message on the importance of e-waste separate collection and environment protection beyond the school walls, reaching their families, as well as all the communities.

Launched in 2011, the Recycling Patrol (, the national program for environmental education of the Romanian Recycling Association developed in partnership with County Boards of Education, with the approval of the National Education Ministry, has brought together, in 2013-2014 school year, more than 20,000 youngsters and teachers from 1018 schools from Bucharest and all counties.

Now the holiday comes, with its well-deserved recreation after a full year of activities. The e-waste collection race goes on with the battle for the national award! Thus it is important that the grown-ups take over and continue children’s endeavors by disposing of WEEE, raising awareness on this environment protection program, in other words, by acting as responsible members of the community they are part of. The amount to be collected until August 31st will be calculated on the account of the local or Bucharest Patrol and will increase the latter’s chance to the national award – the Recycling Patrol Day, a ceremony dedicated to all patrols and their supporters.

How can natural and legal persons help the children raise their odds for the national award. for e-waste separate collection? They can become Supporters Of The Local/Bucharest Recycling Patrol! The organizations and consumers can dispose of useless electrical and electronic equipment free of charge, in a simple way.  Those who have small and light e-waste (small appliances, batteries, lamps) can take it to any of the permanent drop-off points ( For large items, the Green Line (Tel Verde) 0800 444 800 (free of charge call from all networks) is on duty! You just need to call up and RoRec team will come and pick up the e-waste from home or headquarters free of charge, providing the necessary papers.

Why become a supporter of the Recycling Patrol? Because in this way we can all contribute to a healthy environment, and more importantly to the success of the children participating in the program by helping them to achieve their objective and convincing every citizen of Romania to collect at least 50 grams of e-waste per year.


The Recycling Patrol( is a program of environmental education, developed to encourage collection and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in schools, by the Romanian Recycling Association RoRec, in partnership with the county boards of education.

The Romanian Recycling Association RoRec( is a not-for-profit organization, founded by eleven of the best known European manufacturers of household appliances, presently acting in Romania. Actually, RoRec Association takes over producers’ responsibility and carries out all activities required for collection, treatment and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), also securing the sound disposal and safety of the environment, as per EU legislation in this field.

Recycling Patrol – Stories from all over the country

Posted on: May 30, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

The impressive commitment of agents and coordinating teachers of the Recycling Patrol is worth being illustrated and given as a good example to the entire country. On we have written the stories of the patrols that impressed us the most and who were the winners of the last edition. Then we thought that they all deserved to be known better, so we put on with stories of the Recycling Patrols from several regions of the country, where you can see the agents and coordinating teachers who make us proud of this project. They deserve being watched!

The soul of Recycling Patrol

Stories from Transilvania

Stories from Muntenia II

Stories from  Muntenia I

Stories from  Moldova II

Stories from Moldova

 Stories from Cluj

 Stories from Dobrogea 

 Stories from Prahova

 Stories from Maramureş

 Stories from Oltenia

 Stories from Bucharest

 Stories from Banat

 Stories from Ilfov

 Stories from Alba

 Stories from Sălaj

 Stories from Bihor

Iasi Recycles!

Posted on: May 20, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Every year, on the last Saturday of March, millions of people, institutions and companies turn off the light for one hour, joining the biggest environment event in history – Earth Hour. Following WWF’s call, the organization that initiated Earth Hour movement in 2007, more than 7000 de cities in over 152 countries turned off the light in 2013, spreading a powerful message about how our daily life has a negative impact upon the planet and its natural resources.

From 2011, Earth Hour has entered the stage Beyond the Hour, occasion on which people from all over the world are urged not only to turn off the light but also to get involved in environmental protection actions every day.

This year, between 24-28 MarchRoRec Association together with its partners – Iași City Hall, SC Salubris SA, Students League of Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Iași, Geography-Geology Students League, Biology Students League of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, County Educational Board, Palas and United Business Center – organize an ample WEEE collection event, followed by a series of artistic moments that will take place in front of Iasi City Hall. You can see an excerpt from the press conference here -–3638.html.

Video – Opening of the WEEE Collection Centre in Zalău

Posted on: May 19, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

At the end of April, we announced here that Zalău City had a WEEE Collection Centre as part of the National Collection Network. We invite you now to see images from the opening, as well as from the concert Recycling Rocks that followed, on our Youtube channel.

Zalau Collection Centre opening

The First Ecological Flash Mob

Posted on: May 15, 2014 by Alexandra Scutaru

Because they are young, because they are enthusiastic, because they are creative, because they are convinced that every one of us can contribute to environmental protection… And that’s how more than 400 persons, children from all schools participating in the Recycling Patrol program, together with their teachers and parents took part in the first ecological flash mob in the country.  This event was organized by the teachers Mathe Reka from Bod Peter High School and Gaspar Edit from Csipkerozsika Kindergarten, in front of the Events Hall in Târgu Secuiesc, with the support of local companies and the Town Hall. As witness stand the images took with the help of a drone that you can see here.

The youngest agents of the Recycling Patrol, the kids from Csipkerozsika Kindergarten participated in a drawing contest organized on this occasion. They made more than 170 drawings and the evaluation criteria were creativity, originality and mix of colors. The most appreciated creations were those filled with childhood innocence and imagination that brought to light new ideas. The kids also organized a fashion show with clothes made up from e-waste materials that were subsequently taken to recycling.

In other words, young or old, collection is the word!