August also came with a new certification for the RoRec Association: ISO 14001: 2015

The ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system is the framework for the strategic approach of environmental policies, plans and actions of organizations that manage their environmental responsibilities in a systemic manner, in order to contribute to the sustainability of their operations.

“Through the certification process for ISO 14001, the RoRec Association has redefined and re-evaluated all environmental aspects resulting from all activities and services, as well as environmental issues of its partners in WEEE management.” explained Mihai Porojan, manager of the Logistics and Technologies Department.

“This type of certification is important primarily because it confirms that a rigorous system is used in the work processes of the association and adapted to European requirements. A systematic and pro-active approach leads to reduced environmental risks, cost savings and legal certainty. We rigorously observe the relevant environmental legislation and the regulations through which it is implemented “, he added.

Such certification is also important to reaffirm the trust that all our partners have been giving us for over 12 years: communities, government agencies, private organisations and customers.