Recycling Patrol “Champions” save the environment of 1,100,000 kg of e-waste

Bucharest, September 13, 2018. Recycling Patrols in Ilfov, Argeş, Olt and Supporter-School Units in Timiş county win the National Championship Awards (2017-2018), as they mobilized their exemplary communities to collect waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

In total, volunteer children and teachers across the country have managed to convince Romanians to recycle more than 1,100,000 kilograms of e-waste, the largest amount of WEEE ever collected during a single edition.

Activities promoting WEEE collection organized by young people and teachers from schools enrolled in the program had a greater impact than ever before. Families, town halls, schools, firms and institutions reacted to volunteers’ call and handed over old or faulty electrical appliances to recycling, giving an example of civic behavior and environmental care.

The year that just ended well deserves the title of “Champions Edition”, abounding in records and performances. Thus, participating students and coordinating teachers:

  1. Contributed to the collection of 1,100,000 kg of WEEE – the largest amount of e-waste collected in a single edition;
  2. They have collected over 10,000 kg of batteries in a single edition, the equivalent of about 200,000 spent batteries (a particularly dangerous category of e-waste, most susceptible to get to landfill where toxic substances emit into soil, water and air);
  3. Have attracted more than 1000 companies, institutions and NGOs across the country to hand over e-waste to recycling and to contribute to public information and mobilization efforts;
  4. They won 137 local awards (out of 760 registered schools). The Champions’ Edition encouraged the participation of the best teams and the achievements were remarkable. In fact, one in five schools has been noted for involvement, originality and extraordinary results.

“The schools enrolled in the Recycling Patrol have proved to be a valuable asset to their communities. Children’s performances at the Champions’ Edition show that the young generation can successfully promote a society-wide responsible behavior, ” says Alexandra Arnautu, program manager.

Until now, in 2011, with 3,850 teachers and 110,000 children and students participating in the Recycling Patrol, 3,500,000kg of waste were collected and 5,500,000 people became more aware that the recycling of e-waste is a legal, moral obligation and a good habit to be practiced by each of us.