With one click you “Empty trash!”

The isolation period kept us away from offices. Many of us worked from home. But now we return to work and find that a number of postponed issues need to be resolved. Is it time to tidy up the offices? Should we set up the Waste Register? Is it time to dispose of the e-waste collected during this time and we don’t know exactly who can help us?

It’s very simple! The Local Collection Service is ready to relieve you of stress.

We prepare the e-waste, click on www.colecteaza.ro, fill in the order form and the collection team comes and takes over the old or defective objects from our office. For any legal person, the documents necessary for scrapping and decommissioning are provided. All waste is then sent to recycling plants, with the service ensuring their traceability and treatment in accordance with European environmental standards.

The service is free, offered by the RoRec Association in partnership with local partner operators and is available in Bucharest and in all counties of Romania.

Details or other information can also be obtained by phone, at the toll-free number 0800.444.800, operational from Monday to Friday between 9.00-17.00.

Click and “empty trash”!

Details on www.colecteaza.ro or at TelVerde 0800.444.800.