Recycling Patrol – a new edition, a new vision

The national environmental education program has started again, in hundreds of schools in the country, with a new mission.

Since 2020, the Recycling Patrol has moved to a new level.

The program will be coordinated by the Volens Association, in partnership with the RoRec Association.

After 8 years of creating a sustainable model of education, setting a national record for e-waste collection, receiving awards, appreciation and support from communities, the media, authorities and the business environment, the Patrol becomes a platform of excellence in promoting good habits towards the environment. At the 2020 edition, volunteers aim to “recycle” habits and turn them into fair and responsible practices.

The patrol is targeting 20 eco-ideas for 2020, topics that should concern each of us if we are to improve our lives and save the ecosystem.

On these topics, the teams of teachers and children from the participating schools will disseminate current information, identify bad habits, come up with particular suggestions about what members of their community might change and, especially, with the STORIES OF THOSE WHO MAKE THESE CHANGES!

  1. Separate collection of all categories of recyclable waste
  2. Reducing the amount of generated waste
  3. Disposable plastic ellimination
  4. Use of biodegradable packaging
  5. Save water, gas and other natural resources
  6. Reducing food waste
  7. Energy efficiency and use of energy from renewable sources
  8. Creative recycling – reusing new objects for new purposes
  9. Donate used objects for charitable purposes
  10. Consumer behavior – encouraging corporate responsibility by purchasing sustainably produced goods and services
  11. Reducing the use of polluting substances (eg detergents, insecticides) or replacing them with bio options
  12. Reducing the emission of pollutants by using ecological transport alternatives
  13. Use of digital alternatives to paper consumption
  14. Use of organic products instead of artificial or processed ones
  15. Reducing noise pollution
  16. Greening of natural areas affected by waste
  17. Restoration of ecosystems through plantations and afforestation
  18. Practicing knowledge and exploration of the local ecosystem
  19. Eco-activism – Contribution to the implementation of environmental protection measures in the community, through petitions, events, calls to authorities
  20. Permanent volunteering in environmental projects.

All for the environment, education for all! – is the slogan under which we perform in 2020.

On the Website, the Facebook page and the YouTube Channel of the program you will find real examples and experiences of the teams of the Recycling Patrol.