No batteries in the trash! – a new Recycling Patrol competition

The collection of used batteries receives a new boost, with the Recycling Patrol. Between March and May 2020, the schools enrolled in the program participate in the contest “No battery in the trash”, carried out by the Volens Association with the support of E-Recycling Services (ERS) and of the RoRec Association.

The objective of the education program, this year, is to “recycle” bad habits. One of the most disastrous habits for the environment is throwing batteries at the dump.

Thanks to the Recycling Patrol volunteers, teachers and students, over the last 8 years, tens of tons of spent batteries and accumulators have come to recycling, instead of going to landfills in the country.

Even during the period of isolation, students and volunteer teachers continue to promote responsible collection of spent batteries and accumulators, through creative activities and communication, online.

The Coordinating teachers have already launched the challenge to their students:

“We stay home, but we can be useful as well! So you have the opportunity to prove that you are responsible and you like to do useful and beneficial things to your health! I challenge you until we go back to school to collect batteries for the Recycling Patrol competition! You can craft containers for collection, posters, slogans, anything you can do. Are you ready? I am! No battery will go to waste anymore, only to recycling! ” wrote, on Facebook, Lucreția Presecan, the coordinator of the Patrol at the “Mircea Luca” High School in Băișoara, Cluj county.

The teams that will contribute to the collection of the largest amount of batteries and which will create the most impressive visuals will be awarded.