The Green Line 0800 444 800, an efficient WEEE collection service

Launched at the end of March 2013, the Green Line (TelVerde) 0800.444.800 is a free service addressed to all those who want to get in touch with RoRec Association, either to require a free WEEE pick-up from home or headquarters or to ask for information about the Association’s activity or about WEEE collection and recycling.

Since it was launched in March 2013 until May 2014, this service has proved its efficiency and followed a progressive trend in the number of requests for WEEE pick-up, facilitating the access to a simple and operational WEEE collection system for the consumers who care about environment and would like to dispose of e-waste responsibly.

In the top of the counties with the most calls receivedat TelVerde 0800 444 800 there are București, Alba, Brașov, Maramureș and Sibiu.