The E-Waste National Collection Service Resumed Its Activity!

The RoRec Association, together with its partner operators, announce they resume their services of collecting large and bulky e-waste from home or headquarters of companies and institutions.

Starting with Saturday, May 16, the service is again active in all Romanian counties, and all those who have collected, in the last months of isolation, waste they want to get rid of can do it now, responsibly, simply and for free!

With a simple call to the Green Line (TelVerde) 0800.444.800 or by filling in the form on, you can clean your homes and offices, freeing them from unnecessary electrical and electronic appliances.

Citizens who would like to discard their e-waste are invited to call from Monday to Friday – between 9 am and 5 pm – at the toll-free number 0800.444.800 or to place a takeover order through the online order form on

Companies and institutions that want to dispose of electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with current legislation on waste management, can order both through TelVerde and online on For institutions and companies we provide the necessary documentation for tax and legal reporting.

The teams of local partner operators will call you within a maximum of three working days from placing the order, to determine the day and time interval for picking up the waste.

Crew members who pick up household or office waste operate in accordance with anti-COVID-19 measures: keep a minimum distance from depositors, are equipped with protective masks and gloves, have machines equipped with gels and disinfectant wipes that they use before and after each takeover.

The need for the correct collection of this waste is felt more and more acutely. Only 20% of globally generated waste is recycled each year, which means that 40 million tonnes of waste are stored, incinerated or illegally traded and improperly treated each year. This is despite the fact that 66% of the world’s states have legislation on e-waste. The consequences are huge losses of valuable and critical raw materials for industry, as well as serious health, environmental and social problems, through illegal shipments of waste to developing countries.

Call 0800.444.800 or enter or the Facebook account of the RoRec Association and find out more! Use with confidence the e-waste takeover services offered by the partners of the RoRec Association! They are free and efficient and you can get rid of old or defective appliances without having to carry them away from the door!