The Agents of the Recycling Patrol go on holiday, the grown-ups take over

Bucharest, June 5th 2014 – The Agents of the Recycling Patrol reached the moment of results assessment and reward: on June 5th, when the World Environment Day and the Educator’s Day were celebrated, the local Patrols from the country and Bucharest who were the most active, hardworking and convincing were awarded for their results. Find out who the winners of this edition are on

The competition was very tight, as the participating children and teachers distributed flyers with information about e-waste separate collection, organized awareness raising activities, marches and even an ecological flash mob. They proved to be so enthusiastic, dedicated to their civic mission that the decision on the winners was not easy at all. With an energy worth of envy, the children succeeded in conveying the message on the importance of e-waste separate collection and environment protection beyond the school walls, reaching their families, as well as all the communities.

Launched in 2011, the Recycling Patrol (, the national program for environmental education of the Romanian Recycling Association developed in partnership with County Boards of Education, with the approval of the National Education Ministry, has brought together, in 2013-2014 school year, more than 20,000 youngsters and teachers from 1018 schools from Bucharest and all counties.

Now the holiday comes, with its well-deserved recreation after a full year of activities. The e-waste collection race goes on with the battle for the national award! Thus it is important that the grown-ups take over and continue children’s endeavors by disposing of WEEE, raising awareness on this environment protection program, in other words, by acting as responsible members of the community they are part of. The amount to be collected until August 31st will be calculated on the account of the local or Bucharest Patrol and will increase the latter’s chance to the national award – the Recycling Patrol Day, a ceremony dedicated to all patrols and their supporters.

How can natural and legal persons help the children raise their odds for the national award. for e-waste separate collection? They can become Supporters Of The Local/Bucharest Recycling Patrol! The organizations and consumers can dispose of useless electrical and electronic equipment free of charge, in a simple way.  Those who have small and light e-waste (small appliances, batteries, lamps) can take it to any of the permanent drop-off points ( For large items, the Green Line (Tel Verde) 0800 444 800 (free of charge call from all networks) is on duty! You just need to call up and RoRec team will come and pick up the e-waste from home or headquarters free of charge, providing the necessary papers.

Why become a supporter of the Recycling Patrol? Because in this way we can all contribute to a healthy environment, and more importantly to the success of the children participating in the program by helping them to achieve their objective and convincing every citizen of Romania to collect at least 50 grams of e-waste per year.


The Recycling Patrol( is a program of environmental education, developed to encourage collection and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in schools, by the Romanian Recycling Association RoRec, in partnership with the county boards of education.

The Romanian Recycling Association RoRec( is a not-for-profit organization, founded by eleven of the best known European manufacturers of household appliances, presently acting in Romania. Actually, RoRec Association takes over producers’ responsibility and carries out all activities required for collection, treatment and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), also securing the sound disposal and safety of the environment, as per EU legislation in this field.