We are in full swing at EU Green Week 2019

We are in full swing at EU Green Week 2019. What makes the air in a city cleaner? What makes a city quieter? What makes its nature bloom?

What makes it move? What makes its water safe? What makes it recycle more? What makes a European city “green”?


We have responded to the European Commission’s call and take part in the EU Green Week 2019 mobilizing Bucharest to collect e-waste.

We want cleaner cities for a greener future.

Recycle all old or broken electrical appliances!

Join the EU Green Week movement and we will all enjoy a better life.

Bucharest is getting rid of e-waste, with the Patrol for Recycling, within the EU Green Week

40 schools from the Bucharest Recycling Patrol organize a massive mobilization for the collection of e-waste, as part of the EU Green Week initiative. Between 12 April and 30 May, kindergartens, schools and high schools in all districts of the capital will run campaigns to promote waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) collection among residents, businesses and institutions in their neighborhoods.

Within the actions under the EU Green Week umbrella, the Recycling Patrol in Bucharest aims to mobilize the city to recycle at least 100,000 kg of WEEE.

Participating schools will open their doors to the public. All those who want to dispose of old or broken electrical and electronic appliances can bring them to these temporary collection points. Those who have large and heavy appliances have the option of requesting a free takeover directly from home or from headquarters via TelVerde 0800 444 800 or through the online form at patruladereciclare.ro/recicleaza.

The actions of the Recycling Patrol schools in Bucharest selected as EU Green Week Partner-Event

School actions were selected as partner-event of EU-Green Week 2019, an initiative of the European Commission. The EU Green Week 2019 will include events in all Member States. The aim of the project is to help us know and better understand European environmental legislation, but also to assess how we have implemented it. The collection and recycling of e-waste is a very important chapter in this area.

The impact of the Recycling Patrol program is indisputable in terms of public information, education and awareness raising. Children and teachers have succeeded each year in persuading their communities to collect more and more WEEE. Their performances continue to be a “plus” for Romania in front of the European Union. Signing up for the EU Green Week means that children’s success will have European resonance! “ said Alexandra Arnăutu, program manager.

Many benefits for your e-waste

All citizens, companies and institutions that will send e-waste to recycling during this period with the Bucharest Recycling Patrol can have more benefits: they get rid of e-waste free of charge, contribute to the results of children in the EU Green Week and support schools to win a national prize for the 2018-2019 edition of the program.

Volunteer students and teachers invite all consumers to bring old or broken  electrical appliances to their schools and send their requests for free pick-up from home or headquarters at TelVerde 0800 444 800 or www.patruladereciclare.ro/recicleaza.

The first actions will take place on 12, 13 and 18 April. Find more details at https://www.patruladereciclare.ro/noutati/.